연산자(operator) 정의: debounceTime(dueTime: number, scheduler: Scheduler): Observable

Discard emitted values that take less than the specified time between output

:bulb: This operator is popular in scenarios such as type-ahead where the rate of user input must be controlled!


Example 1: Debouncing based on time between input

( jsBin | jsFiddle )

const input = document.getElementById('example');

//for every keyup, map to current input value
const example = Rx.Observable
  .fromEvent(input, 'keyup')
  .map(i => i.currentTarget.value);

//wait .5s between keyups to emit current value
//throw away all other values
const debouncedInput = example.debounceTime(500);

//log values
const subscribe = debouncedInput.subscribe(val => {
  console.log(`Debounced Input: ${val}`);

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